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Embedded Systems DesignWEB / GUI Design
•Industrial equipment, control systems.•Modern design.
•Home and industrial automation.•Various CMS based customized templates.
•Control devices via Internet / mobile communication.•Preparation of your material for publication.
•Devices such as "Smart House".•Photo and video optimization for Web.
•Monitoring(Alarm) systems. •Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.
•Telemetry. GSM, WIFI, Bluetooth, etc.•Optimization of your site for mobile devices.
•Various measurement and diagnostic systems.•Responsive Design.
•Communication controllers.•Flexible and easy to use control system.
•IoT (Internet of Things).•Compliance with the customer's wishes.
•Amateur projects.•Multi-language support.
•Any electronic devices firmware for microcontrollers.•Domain registration (com, eu, etc.) support.
•ARM Cortex M7, M4, M3 etc., STM32, Microchip, etc.•Warranty and Regular Support.
•C / C ++ firmware, software, RTOS.•Development of logos and banners.
•Programs for PCs with a graphical interface (GUI).•Optimization for search engines.(SEO)
•Applications for Android phones.•More than 100 implemented projects.
•Development of schemes and printed circuit boards.•Corporate Company Website.
•Support in manufacturing of PCB / placing orders.•Individual Private Projects.
•Selection of components and suppliers.•Online Stores.
•Programs and systems for testing (Python etc.).•WEB/E-mail Hosting (5 GB/FTP, 20 EUR/Per Year).
•Modeling and calculation of systems (Matlab, Simulink).•SEO Research
•Control systems for intelligent power supplies.•Social Network Integration.
•Frequency converters, power supplys developing.•Style Guidelines.
•Electronic systems testing, debugging, verification.•Site Dynamic Update.
•Help students in diploma and course projects.•Full Regular Site Service
•Support in your projects.•Protection and maintenance

Idea -?-> Product.

Tools flexibility.

Customer Orientation.

  • No matter how big your project.
  • This could be a small private hobby project,
  • or a serious system for industrial use.

Efficiency in time and cost.

  • Very flexible options.
  • Optimization.

Life-Time Support.

  • Support for the project after  implementation.
  • It is important to keep the long-term relationship.

Wide technical outlook.

  • No matter what your technical background is.
  • Transform your product idea into reality
  • using the best and most efficient technology available.